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Aggressive Legal Representation After An Assault Or Fatal Incident Involving A Ride-Sharing Company

At Rideshare Lawsuit Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky, we advocate for people harmed through the wrongdoing of an Uber or Lyft driver, company or passenger. Some of our clients have been beaten and robbed. Some have died after such incidents or in crashes while using rideshare services. We welcome inquiries from people harmed or lost loved ones in such circumstances.

Whether you were hurt or your family member was killed in a rideshare accident or violent actions associated with rideshare patronage, we are here to help you get the relief you deserve. We are motor vehicle accident attorneys who focus solely on rideshare accidents. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Assaults And Personal Injury Claims

If an Uber or Lyft driver punched you, slammed a car door on you, knocked you over or sexually assaulted you, this was obviously wrong, and you deserve compensation. Or perhaps a bystander assaulted you while you waited for a ride that did not show up as promised. No matter how your assault happened, we are prepared to take civil action to get compensation for your:

  • Physical injuries and medical bills
  • Psychological injuries and counseling, if needed
  • Lost wages and other personal losses

Our investigation will help us determine the direction your case will go. We may uncover evidence of previous violent acts or find out that faulty communication devices were at fault.

Fatalities And Wrongful Death Claims

You may be a spouse, parent or child of someone who was killed in a crash or assault involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle. Their death may have happened immediately or sometime after the original incident.

We are ready to represent you in pursuit of the compensation you deserve. This may be a time of mourning for your family, and you justifiably may not be in the mood to meet with a lawyer. Rideshare companies and their attorneys, however, are taking this time to build a defense to your case.
Our attorneys are ready to fight on your behalf while you continue to grieve.  We can determine whether you qualify to bring a wrongful death claim, investigate details about the crash or incident, and otherwise get ready to work with you when you are ready. Nothing can bring back your deceased loved one, but a wrongful death case can help you move forward with life after this terrible blow.

We Will Hold The Liable Party Or Parties Accountable.

In our careers as civil litigation attorneys, we have achieved many outcomes that have helped past clients, and we are ready to do the same for you. If an Uber or Lyft ride became a scene of devastation or tragedy for you personally or for your family, we are here for you.

Let us explain how a lawyer can be your strong advocate during this difficult time after an assault or fatality involving a rideshare vehicle. Call us in Louisville, Kentucky, at CALL or send an email inquiry to schedule an initial consultation.